About the Author

Swati is the founder of “The Elegancia Play School” which caters to early child education and “Dart of Learning” which is designed to empower parents to unleash the full potential of the child. Before starting The Elegancia School, she was running one of the leading play school franchises for around 2 years. In year 2018 to make individual identity and pursue her dream to fullest potential by running school with full control of curriculum and activity performed, she moved out of the franchise and started owned preschool. It’s her passion and dedication toward her work that gives her way to success in every step of her life. Her dedication is recognised and awarded by few premium education magazines as well.
With high interest to understand things from basic to advance in all the areas where she was involved. She puts her most of Energy on child development and keeps on exploring innovative ways of learning for them. Many of these experiments require a lot of parental Involvement hence Parenting or rather positive parenting was an obvious discussion topic for her within her vicinity. As people say knowledge gained through experience is comprehensive. In alignment with her vision to make Elegancia as one the best play schools in the area that it serves to, she started an awareness program for parents to teach phonics at an early age under the umbrella of Dart of learning. She has interacted with more than thousands of parents personally and helped them to make conscious decisions in their parental journey. She always gets the pulse of current generation parenting. This helps her to understand the most of the parent’s concern during the parenting and solve them with appropriate solutions.
She was always a front liner in academic life. During M-Tech (digital Communication) she stood in top 5th scholar in university. She also joined IT industries after completing her M-Tech but she has to leave it after a couple of years to enjoy full time motherhood.